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Adobe Acrobat Reader update: Addressing Critical Security Vulnerabilities

Do you know why the Adobe Acrobat Reader update is important? Discover how this update can protect your data against security vulnerabilities

Fortinet updates boost cybersecurity and protect tech professionals.

Fortinet updates include critical security patches for FortiOS, FortiProxy, and FortiPAM, bolstering cybersecurity defenses for technology professionals

Togasht: Innovation for Tourism professionals in Iran, Debuted at Exhibition

Togasht unveiling at Tehran Tourism Expo: A milestone for Tourism professionals in Iran, transforming challenges and opportunities

Boosting Linux Operating System Security: Addressing Kernel Vulnerabilities

Critical Vulnerability in the Linux Operating System : Addressing UAF and User and Developer Awareness for Attack Prevention

Humanitarian activities by Yas Foundation under the supervision of Mehdi Jahangiri

The humanitarian activities conducted by Yas Foundation under the supervision of Mehdi Jahangiri Significantly advancing these efforts, more details follow

Tourism Bank debut in Iran's stock market boosts transparency, competition

Tourism Bank's Entry into second Iran's stock market in November 2023: A Catalyst for Greater Transparency and Competition

Appreciation of the TIT security team for the Security of banking systems in Iran

The security team of Technology Holding, using the knowledge of its experts, has increased the Security of banking systems in Iran against cyber attacks.

Credit cards in Iran are the latest product of Tourism Information Technology Holding

Credit cards in Iran, the latest TIT Company product, create opportunities for users such as installment payments, credit facilities and payment facilitation.

Smart banking in Iran An inevitable transformation with challenges ahead

The tenth annual electronic banking conference on Smart banking in Iran was attended by the Tourism Information Technology Development Holding.

Digital banking in Iran gets a boost with Tourism Bank's new ToBank app

The launch of Tourism Bank's ToBank app accelerated the Digital banking in Iran and improved the customer experience with innovative features.


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