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Credit cards in Iran are the latest product of Tourism Information Technology Holding

Credit cards in Iran, the latest TIT Company product, create opportunities for users such as installment payments, credit facilities and payment facilitation.

Credit cards in Iran have grown significantly in recent years. This growth has been attributed to several factors, including increased income, consumerism spread, and information and communication technology infrastructure development. 

One of the leading companies in this field is Tourism Information Technology Development Holding (TIT). This holding has played an essential role in developing Credit cards in Iran by providing the innovative Ryan Card product.

In this regard, according to the public relations report of Tourism Information Technology Development Holding, the monthly meeting of the CEO of this holding was held with the communication managers of Rayan Ertebate ShabahangIn this meeting, the CEO of the holding unveiled the new products and services of Rayan Ertebate Shabahang, especially Ryan Card.

Rayan Card is a comprehensive product that offers a variety of features. These features include:

  • The ability to purchase mobile operator recharges
  • The ability to buy internet packages
  • The ability to purchase various tickets
  • The ability to buy online products and services
  • The ability to receive credit facilities

Rayan Card can be valid for various users, including individuals, businesses, and organizations, due to its wide range of features.

With the entry of Rayan Card into the Iranian credit card market, competition in this market has increased, and it is expected that we will see the growth and development of this industry in Iran in the future.

Credit cards in Iran create various opportunities for users and businesses. These opportunities include:

Installment purchase: Credit cards allow users to purchase the goods and services they need on an installment basis. This can be useful for users with limited budgets.

Access to credit: Credit cards can also be used as collateral to obtain credit. It can give businesses and individuals access to more financial resources.

Facilitate payments: Credit cards can help facilitate payments and reduce associated costs. This can be especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses.

Rayan Ertebate Shabahang is Iran's first and largest mobile phone operator charging company. Relying on existing licenses and infrastructure and using a decade of experience, this company has been able to claim the title of one of the top four official distributors of Irancell, the first partner of Raitel and Talia. And to be the only official sales agency for Shatel products. 

Rayan Ertebat Shabahang Company is committed to providing the best possible experience for its users in payment and mobile phone recharge by offering various innovative services. The company intends to consolidate its position as one of the leading companies in this field by providing new services. One of these new services is the provision of credit cards in Iran.


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