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Smart banking in Iran An inevitable transformation with challenges ahead

The tenth annual electronic banking conference on Smart banking in Iran was attended by the Tourism Information Technology Development Holding.

Smart banking in Iran is a new development in the banking industry, and the Tourism Bank is no exception to this rule. Using new technologies provides banking services in a more straightforward, faster, and safer way. This development, rapidly expanding worldwide in recent years, has created various opportunities and challenges for the Iranian banking industry.

In this regard, the 10th annual conference on electronic banking and payment systems will be held with the theme 'Transition to Smart Banking.' Tourism Information Technology Development Holding has participated in this conference in line with the importance of smart banking and tourism banks' view of this development.

 In recent years, Tourism Bank and Tourism Information Technology Development Holding have taken steps to develop digital banking. These steps are:

Development of online and mobile banking services: Tourism Bank has developed its online and mobile banking services so that customers can use their banking services without going to the branch.

Use of new technologies: Tourism Bank uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to provide unique and innovative services.

Despite the many opportunities digital banking creates for banks and customers, this development has also created challenges for the banking industry in Iran. Among these challenges, the following can be mentioned:

Infrastructural problems: The infrastructure of information and communication technology in Iran is still not developed to the extent that it can fully meet the needs of digital banking. This can lead to slow and interrupted digital banking services.

Legal and regulatory restrictions: Iran's existing laws and regulations have not yet fully adapted to the needs of digital banking. This can lead to confusion and uncertainty among banks and customers.

Cultural limitations: Traditional Iranian culture has not yet fully adapted to digital banking. This can lead to some customers' resistance to using digital banking services.

Therefore, this evolution is an inevitable process despite the challenges facing digital banking in Iran. In the coming years, Iranian banks that can identify and exploit the opportunities of this development will be able to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

Therefore, Tourism Information Technology Development Holding has taken the following actions in line with its activities for the development of digital banking:

open banking
Cloud banking
Banking based on artificial intelligence
Blockchain-based banking
Mobile Bank
public awareness

By taking these measures, Tourism Information Technology Development Holding can become the basis for the sustainable development of digital banking in Iran.

Electronic banking conference, The 10th Annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems

Electronic Banking Conference
Tourism Information Technology Development Holding

According to the public relations report of Iran Tourism Information Technology Development Holding, this holding and its subsidiaries also have a booth at the above conference and are hosting dear visitors.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for managers, experts, and those interested in digital banking to learn about this field's latest achievements and challenges.

The following topics will be discussed in this conference:

Challenges facing digital banking in Iran
Solutions to overcome digital banking challenges

Therefore, due to the importance of digital banking, the presence of managers, experts, and those interested in this field is necessary at this conference.


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