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Togasht: Innovation for Tourism professionals in Iran, Debuted at Exhibition

Togasht unveiling at Tehran Tourism Expo: A milestone for Tourism professionals in Iran, transforming challenges and opportunities

At the heart of Iran's tourism events, the 17th Tehran Tourism Exhibition, held from February 12th to 15th, witnessed the unveiling of Togasht, a new and innovative product by the Tourism Bank. This significant unveiling marked a turning point in Iran's tourism industry, creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the Tourism professionals in Iran. The aim of this initiative was to provide solutions for facing challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities ahead in Iran's tourism industry.

According to the Public Relations Department of Iran's Tourism Information Technology Development Holding, "Togasht," as a comprehensive service platform for the tourism industry, offers innovative and diverse solutions to travel agencies, hotels, and other businesses related to tourism. Key features of Togasht include the provision of credit services for ticket purchases and hotel reservations, direct connection of hotels to the platform to improve services offered, and the introduction of new and innovative revenue models among business partners.

This initiative is designed to create a better experience for both domestic and international tourists and to facilitate business processes for agencies and hotels. As the first platform of its kind in Iran, Togasht has the capability to create an integrated and cohesive ecosystem that could lead to a fundamental transformation in the way tourism services are delivered.

Given the continuous growth of the tourism industry and its importance to the country's economy, Togasht can play a key role in the sustainable development of this sector. As industry professionals seek innovative solutions to improve services and make their offerings more competitive, platforms like Tougest can act as catalysts for these transformations.

the 17th Tehran Tourism Exhibition

Ultimately, considering the widespread reception of Togasht at the 17th Tehran Tourism Exhibition, it can be expected that this platform will become one of the main pillars in providing modern and efficient services in Iran's tourism industry. Tourism professionals can now leverage the opportunities presented by Togasht to move towards sustainable growth and development of the country's tourism sector.


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